GIRL RISING - A film on educating girls [PART 1]

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Girl Rising

The Beginning


I always bore a concern for those families who lived on the pavements. Just outside Chitrabani (film institute) there were a number of them. In spite of my concern I could do little to cater to their needs. After I passed out of Chitrabani I joined Overdose as an intern where I was assigned the job of a Production Assistant for another company - Vulcan Productions. They came down all the way from USA to complete their project on Girl Education. I was elated on hearing their script as they were about to make a short documentary on one of the girls from those pavements.


The Oscar nominated Director, Mr. Richard E. Robbins is a person with a golden heart. The way he directed the docu-feature was a learning experience for us all. He embarked on visiting 9 countries to make 9 films on 9 unprivileged girls, each of 9 minutes. I was happy to be a part of it since I had dreams of doing something for those girls and Vulcan Productions and World Vision India gave me that platform.


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I am an independent Filmmaker. I also love being a session guitarist when opportunity knocks. Among my other interests are photography and singing.

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