Girls’ schools in Afghanistan

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Girls’ schools in Afghanistan unfortunately were closed in period of Taliban. Girls had been away from education, however, they were interested in receiving lessons from schools.

 As the Taliban regime fell, they reached gradually the right a boy enjoys in the society. But, we can’t say that all of their problems are resolved, it’s better than that time.

Many days ago, while I was listening to Zohal Radio in the morning, they have been talking about people’s problems. The subject of that program was about girls’ schools. A person called to that radio and he said that unfortunately some boys are coming near the girls’ schools and create problems for them. For example, when they are going to school, or when they go home from school, there are some boys who bother them and tell them verbal’s.

This is one of the reasons that some parents do not allow their daughters to attend schools. They think that school environment is not a fair and polite environment for them.

Despite all these challenges, thousands of girls are every day seen attending schools, and looking forward to a more increase to their number.

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