When I'm in a funky mood. I do a lot of thinking. Sometimes I go off topic and my brain just comes up with random stuff. Just this morning, I thought about what is more painful? Giving birth or getting kicked in the groin?

I've been trying to get pregnant my entire life. I realize males can't get pregnant, but I keep trying. Anyways, I hear a lot of horror stories about how painful giving birth is.

I've been hit in the groin a few times in my life. There were times I was in the fetal position for what seemed like hours. Once, I thought I was going to vomit my testicles out of my mouth.

Still, I had no idea which was more painful. Birth or a groin shot?

Then the answer came to me. Getting a groin shot is much more painful. How did I reach that conclusion? After a while, a woman thinks about having another child. Men, we never think about getting hit in the groin again. We do everything possible to avoid it!