Giving Disabled Afghan Children a Voice and Expanding Educational Opportunities in Afghanistan

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As you might imagine, events will continue to become quite dramatic as US troops wind-down their mission in Afghanistan.  I spoke with my producer over the weekend and we are both in agreement as to the dangers involved, but also the potential to create some great film that should receive lots of attention and shine a light on a grievous problem.  The producer I’m working with on OpEx Child: The Documentary, Robin Bond, has previously received an Emmy Award for her work so the potential exists for our film to be nominated for an Oscar in the documentary film category!  And maybe in this way PATHS will be on the forefront of some great media that in the end will help these special kids.  The possibility is there to perhaps finally get Hollywood involved in our cause. 

My team and I have been refining our thesis for the documentary and in addition to illustrating the plight of children with disabilities in Afghanistan and what has led me to want to help them, we will be taking a hard look at our mission there and what will happen when we leave.  I have always been a HUGE supporter of our mission in Afghanistan, but I do believe that at some point in the future we will be forced to face what we leave behind.  The geopolitical and national security consequences could be quite dire for our country.  And the truth is that the children there are in a pitiful state and so I must do what I can to try to help and this documentary will go a long way in raising awareness about their plight. 

To help us make it happen for children with disabilities in Afghanistan and OpEx Child, please visit  and make your tax-deductible donation today. Every dollar we raise will go directly towards our mission in Afghanistan to help these special children.



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I have spent the past 25 years advocating on behalf of my disabled daughter to help her realize greater independence and a better quality of life; it has been a life-lesson for me and the most difficult thing I have ever done. Raising a child with disabilities is challenging enough…

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