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Company introduction:

A video of CEO Jason Rosato giving a brief intro of  Givkwik

Givkwik is basically a Mission driven company which is more focused on the concept of philanthropy and purpose to make decision-making more easy for every one. Company is also focused on connecting companies, causes and also different communities. Company mission is to make giving process easy for everyone.

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Givkwik is also focused on creating such programs which enables not only helping employees to involve in companies' corporate social responsibility but also enabling its customers to participate in it as well.

Here is little video regarding Givkwik company which will give you idea regarding it.


Givkwik is also enabling communities to give more to cause not only family members, friends, and other people who are part of society by giving them opportunity on one platform and Giving Tuesday is also one of part of their this program.

Give Newyork 12.01.2015:

It is planned that on December 12/1/2015 Givkwik will be running a campaign again just like last year, Which is basically a global celebration of Giving also known as GIV.NYC which will of course going to held in Newyork city as name suggested.

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By the help of this event Givkwik is trying to bring together Companies, Communities and Causes and trying to make their Connection. 

Here is the intro of the latest event GIV.NYC which will held on 12.01.2015 in Newyork

All causes which will have registered on the website for GIV.NYC 2015. The causes can be a big issues currently in the New york city. So you have to pick one of your favorite cause although there is no limit on how many causes you choose. Once the voting is ended Top 25 causes will be promoted to next round after that they chose top 10 and pitch infront of their live audience and avail the chance to win 10000$ or even more. 

A brief introduction of #GivingTuesday 2015 video

This event is one of its kind as bringing all people together who want to help and donate. Not only this, that event is also enable same minded philanthropists to meet others and work for cause together giving them good environment to interact.

The causes:

picture source: my own 

Although there are lots of options for you to choose your favorite causes. As more causes are keep on register so you can vote for them but remember to read and research about the cause for which you are about to vote. There is no limit on how many causes you would like to vote.

The cause which i support:


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There is something which I always wanted to support and that is homeless. I have great sympathy for them, that is why looking for the ways to support them. As they need shelter food and other necessities of life like us. It is always my top  priority to not only support homeless people but also such causes which take steps for such people.

Lucky I was able to encounter one of cause which is for supporting the homeless people and the organization which is supporting this cause is Showered With Hope Organization.

                                                   image source: from official website of Shower with hope Inc 

Objective of Shower with hope inc Cause:

Shower With Hope is basically a non profit organization with the objective is to help the homeless people empowering them by providing them with Personal Hygiene and also provide them with self sufficiency the organization is helping homeless people by providing them with mobile hygiene units, which consists of the facility of Toilets, showers, and even changing room for homeless people.


These mobile units are available for homeless people on specific hot spot. It also includes a hot shower for the homeless people and if they want to have pair of clothing they can have it on specific donations spots.


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You can Also visit Shower With Hope Official Website:

Click me to visit Official website of Shower with hope non profit organization



You can also Follow Showered With Hope on facebook

Click me to follow Showered With Hope Non-Profit Organization on facebook

Follow Showered With Hope on Twitter

Click me to follow showered with hope non profit organization of Twitter

How to vote for your favorite Cause:

1st step:

First you have to visit the official website of Givkwik.NYC click me to visit the website

2nd step:

Chose your favorite cause by reading about them and then click on the "favorite" button.

 3rd step:

They will ask you to login through facebook or GooglePlus login through one option. Once you completed login you will receive the message that you have successfully voted for your desired cause remember you can vote as much causes as you can and also you can remove the vote for previous cause and choose some other.


You can also have a look at the complete detail of event here 



Phase 1:  September 15 - October 31

Causes invited to register for GIV.NYC 2015.

Phase 2:  October 31 - November 9

Review and approval of causes for participation. 

Phase 3: November 10 - 23

The GIV.NYC online community chooses its favorite causes.

Phase 4: November 23-30

The top twenty five causes are revealed.
Favoriting continues to determine the top ten.

Phase 5: December 1

GIV.NYC live event features pitches from the top ten favorite causes.
Attendees and viewers choose their favorites.

Phase 6: December 2

Grant winners announced!  


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