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               I was wondering if the glitch or bugs here in Bit are intentional or untentional. Why? Because base on my observation, glitch are not happening to all subscribers. I mean, I have been a victim (victim talaga ha?) of this glitch yesterday while others are not encountering as I did. It was a sticker I used while commenting to Ikhang's MB but instead of Olive Oil's sticker... It was @Bernalyn 's avatar appearance. It's cute actually but I cannot assure if this someone whose appeared will get mad or will just laugh ..we cannot say because we are just " Virtual Friends".




                And if ever, i cannot find the benefit of glitch and/or bugs we are encountering. In fact, this is more annoying than funny. There is one soooo cute glitch I had ever seen here... Though it made me shock first when I saw it,but  then I realized that it is really cute.

                It was the page of Abdul Weenab whose using my Baby's cute photo. It's not a problem anyway, I'm just shocked and can't believe what my eyes seen. I am not angry because I find it cute. 

         If the glitches are just like this...it is very much fine..but if the glitch is effecting our earnings, our buzz score or the expiration of our items is a different story right? Hope they would have time to inform us or at least give a hunch what this glitch is all about and it's benefit to their subscribers. 

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