GLOBAL MEDICAL RELIEF FUND: Serving Humanity Without Any Discrimination

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 Today when I logged into my account, a survey chat about GLOBAL MEDICAL RELIEF FUND started automatically and Auto Bot of Sir Micky was asking some question about GMRF instantly. I was little bit familiar with GMRF through bit charities of bitlanders. I have donated my BM points to GMRF also but I was totally unknown about the functionality of GMRF. But after going through the survey chat I came to know about the real purpose and objective of GMRF. I was both happy and wonder to know about the facts it. The wonder is to mean that how such an organization came into existence when a boy demanded for his help from the world and higher dignitaries by saying or writing those historical words

“God and all merciful people to help me getting prosthetic”.


KONAN MALKIC (Bosnian Boy who made Plea for Help)

The above picture is of Kenan Malkic, the Bosnian boy who was really behind the foundation of GMRF. He was of 11 and was playing Soccer near his place. Being unknown about a Landmine, he stepped on it and in result of a blast, he lost his both arms and a leg. Then by somehow he made a play for seeking help. Listening to his demand, Ms. Elissa came forward for his help and hence all the story happened of GMRF. 

By saying happy is mean that it was real happiness to hear about such an amazing helping organization who is striving hard for the help and care of other peoples.   





Global Medical Relief Fund or GMRF is a non-profit organization which was established by Elissa Montinta. She started working for building this when she came to know about a request for help by a boy from Bosnia. That request became the turning point for establishing this platform for all the victims of any disaster in the world. The life of Ms. Elissa totally changed and she started struggling for making such an organization where from children can take any kind of help. Actually the purpose of GMRF was to help those children who lose their limbs, eyes etc. in any kind of disaster like War, Earthquakes or Tsunami or severe illness. Till today, many children have been brought to US from almost all over the countries i.e. Bosnia, China, Africa, Libya Pakistan etc. for their care and cure. GMRF is working diligently for providing relief to all the countries.




Interview with Elissa Montanti about the Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF)




I must start here with the word “HELP” because this particular word is of very importance. HELP means to give or provide some assistance to someone. We must help others if we can. The demand of humanity is help also. The initiation of GMRF was also happened by this word “HELP”. To help others is the main cause of being a good human. We should put our efforts for helping others. The beauty of help by GMRF is lying in the true cause of helping without taking money in return. The whole idea of GMRF is to provide assistance to all the poor on their own. There are many other organization who are giving help but they do work for their own seek for money. Here for GMRF, the story is totally changed GMRF does not demand money from the victims as this whole organization is being run by some sponsors and donors whose sole purpose is to serve humanity.   



GMRF was established for helping all the children in the world who have been victimized by war, burnt or in Tsunamis etc. So at the platform of this globally helping center many treatments like Surgeries, Prosthetic limb have been done in a successful way. And now those victims are enjoying a good life. All the treatments at GMRF are being handled by qualified doctors. There are many reputed doctors and surgeons at the panel of GMRF who are performing their duties with full bloom to provide best to humanity. The dream of Elissa made possible with the support of all the team. The team of Volunteers, Doctors, Staff and many more who are working behind the scene just for giving help to all the needy. 

             ੝ SURGERY                                     ੝  PROSTHETIC LIMB



is a technology consisting of a physical intervention on tissues, and muscle. As a general rule, a procedure is considered surgical when it involves cutting of a patient's tissues or closure of a previously sustained wound.



Denoting an artificial body part, such as a leg, an arm, a heart or a breast implant. Fitting of eyes is also a part of treatment at GMRF.






Above mentioned treatments are major of GMRF. Since its inception in 1997. Many patients (about 150 children approximately) have been brought to GMRF at US and they have been treated in a well manner to cure them for spend their normal lives like all other human beings. The surgeries and prosthetic limbs installment have made life easy for many of the victims.



To fulfill the dream of providing relief to all the over the world. Ms. Elissa is not working alone. There are many helping hands which are functioning together like a unit. The formation of such an extraordinary organization was made possible with some of partners and helpers who came forward to raise the cause for welfare and betterment of humanity. There are many names who participated in this this noble cause to serve humanity.

I would like to name every partner here as a gesture of good will on their side.


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 Like all the above supporters and donors, bitlanders also gives an opportunity to all the users to take part in this helping campaign. We can join the team of helpers by donating our earning to GMRF charity. Bitlanders has a list of many bitcharities. To whom we can donate our earning to support them. So, GMRF is also the part of charities of this great rewarding platform. We can donate our Gbms or Kbms to this relief fund. 

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The above picture clarifies that if we donate our earning to support GMRF. In return we are given Buzzscore reward for a particular period of time. So donating also increases our buzz score that is the main objective of all users to get high score. I also donate off and on to many charities to support them and also to get buzz score. I also suggest all of you to participate in donation program of bitlanders.

Achievement and Awards of Ms. Elissa: 

 Founder of GMRF Ms. Elissa has set an example to all the people for serving all the humanity. As a woman, this lady has done remarkable job. She got appraisal and love from all over the world for his work. She took a step for helping the poor. She won award for "Women of Distinction".

I salute her work!

Such organizations are real hope for every need. Wish progress and success to all the helping organizations. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Thanks

I am definitely sure about it those who read this will be having a feeling of sympathy in their hearts.



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