GlobAllShare Is Giving You Real Shares Before The Launch

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Would you like to get real shares for free in the social networking site of the future?

Dear friends, do you know what GlobAllShare is? It is a social networking and sharing site with an added value.The site is in its launch phase but it is already fully functional.

I invite you to join GlobAllShare. This is the link with which I will become your sponsor. But I don't force you to use it. It is your own decision.

You can also become a member and co-owner of GlobAllShare. Yes, as a member you can get shares for free by visiting every day, sharing and interacting and by inviting other members.

They are claiming that after the launch on September 29th 2014 all initial shares will be converted into real shares and the owners will be able to sell them or receive dividends. I don't know if this is true and I can't guarantee that you will get real money for your shares but ... It would be really stupid if you don't try and get some shares for free just to find out later that you've missed an opportunity.

Once again - site is for free, you can get your shares for free, they claim that the shares will be converted into real shares after the official launch.

I am simply pointing out the opportunity. If you feel like it then join me. Welcome!

Disclaimer: I don't work for GlobAllShare, I am just another member. You don't have to join. In fact you can completely ignore this invitation. I will tell you afterwards if the promise of getting real shares holds water.

In any case you have nothing to loose.

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