Glorious return from IEM 9, but is World Elite have been at LPL relegation?

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Is World Elite can be in LPL relegation Spring 2015? Will they be able to reach LPL Summer 2015? Anyway, the good news is there are 4 teams ranked LPL final round will have a chance to play with four teams ranked from 3 to 6 of War 2 LSPL to interest in LPL. The following article will show you the World Elite has sharply as after changing lineup.

It needs to be recognized as World Elite does not get much expectation before IEM World Finals. Most fans are looking forward to see the power of GE Tigers, a team of Korean. However, the shock winner of the World Elite in the league has done many to question the power rankings of Riot.

Interestingly, after the IEM World Finals ended, on December 18/03, Riot has announced the rankings of the top teams in the world. In this chart, EDG, OMG and Snake 3 accounted for in the first place, while GE Tigers fall to No. 4 overall ranking of the LPL team has improved but "the biggest surprise of the Finals IEM world "world Elite is still not in the top 20.

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