G.NA new song Pretty Lingerie Kpop 2014

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G.NA new song Pretty Lingerie Kpop 2014

G.NA is getting ready to turn heads with her new title track “Pretty Lingerie“ with the release of a music video teaser. She’s already revealed several teaser photos, and now we have a video clip to further leave us waiting on the edge of our seats!

Originally, G.NA was supposed to release her new song today and start her comeback performance. However, she has canceled all her promotional activities after the Sewol sinking and is waiting only for good news from rescue efforts.
This is definitely a change from her first image which showed us a peek at her 'Pretty Lingerie', which is the Korean title of her new song. Dressed in bridal gear this time, the singer leaves us to wonder about the concept and who the dashing groom could be!

This song will be part of her album called ‘Beautiful Kisses‘, which can’t be any more fitting as it is perfect for the White Day release.

As for “Oops” itself, the song is described to be a fun dance track by composers Lim Sang Hyuk and Son Young Jin. The song will be made even more special as it will feature the rap of labelmate, BTOB‘s Ilhoon, who will fit right in with this whole concept as G.NA will be singing about loving a younger man!

A hot topic among netizens at the moment is Emma Stone's apparent liking for K-Pop especially singer G.NA!

Recently, Emma Stone attended a press conference in Tokyo where she said, "I like Korea, Seoul, arirang, K-Pop, and even G.NA," expressing her desire to go to Korea again. She had visited Seoul back in 2012 to promote 'The Amazing Spiderman' and even plays the character Gwen Stacy, who is a frequent customer of a Korean restaurant in New York in the upcoming sequel.
upcoming sequel.

G.NA shows off her perfect figure through video teaser for “Oops”!
Great album cover. G.NA once again sports her short red wig for this teaser, through which she leaves fanboys wanting to see more and fangirls jealous of her long and lean figure.

Is it even possible for you to look more sexier. Also saw Romantic and Idol season 2. Those young men were too immature for you. They must have felt intimidated by you. Who wouldn't, your intelligent,beautiful, powerful in their industry, they simply weren't for you. I see you with a older( not by much) business type who enjoys what you like. One who would try to put you first every day.

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