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Continuing the previous work of writing reviews and telling you people about the best movies which you should never miss, I am again here with another movie review. This time, I am here with a review of an animated movie. Gnome alone is produced by the production companies Vanguard Animations, 3QU Media and SC films international. The producers are John H. Williams and Danielle Sterling and this movie is directed by Peter Lepeniotis. This is the story of a teenage girl who moves into a new town and a new house where she tried to make few friends but she never succeeded in that and found herself stuck in the middle of a huge problem which somehow, she solved and at the end, she made a new friend too.

Cast of the gnome alone:

Becky G  ... Chloë (voice)
Josh Peck ... Liam (voice)
Tara Strong  ... Catherine (voice)
Olivia Holt ... Brittany (voice)
David Koechner  ... Zamfeer (voice)
Jeff Dunham  ... Quicksilver (voice)
Patrick Stump ... Alpha / Bravo / Charlie (voice)
Nash Grier  ... Trey (voice)
Madison De La Garza  ... Tiffany / Chelsea (voice)
George Lopez  ... Zook (voice)

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Without wasting more time, let's just get started with the movie review.

Chloe Moved to a New Town

Chloe is a teenage girl who is always on the move with her mother because her mother continuously changes her job and travels around the country and never settle down to one place. Chloe has never made permanent friends and that is why she remains so desperate all the time. But this time, her mother decided to settle down permanently in this new town. The house which they got was more like a haunted house but still was a house.  Previously, Doctor Frankenstein lived in that house.


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When she entered the house, she saw five Santa Claus lying on the floor. She took them outside where she met Liam who was her neighbor. Liam was also a friendless guy. He tried to be her friend. Chloe never wanted to make any new friends, so she just ignored him.

She went into the house where she accidentally discovered a secret passage. She rushed into that secret room and found a keystone. She took that stone and came out. Next day, she went to the school wearing that keystone in her neck. She saw a group of three girls in the school and decided to make them her friends. She gave her keystone to the other girl so that they could be friends but those girls turned out to be very mean.


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Chloe Discovered Dangerous Creatures

When she returned home, she was tired and looking for the food. Suddenly, she saw round purple creature sitting on the eating table. It has eaten all her food and was still hungry and asking for food again and again. She gave all the food which was available in the fridge but its hunger was still there.

At that time, nomes appear whom she was calling Santas. They had guns by which they threw that creature from where it came. Chloe was very scared to see that creature eating everything and nomes talking. The nomes told her the whole story of portals and those hungry creatures.

That house has a big portal which could be only stopped from opening if the keystone was present in that house. Unfortunately, Chloe gave that keystone to one of her new classmates and she was not willing to give it back so easily.


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Chloe got into the Fight

The girl was not willing to give back that Keystone and insulted Chloe. She got angry and she yelled at Liam. He went back to the home where he saw nomes fighting with those creatures which were now increasing from time to time because the portal was opening again and again. Suddenly, a portal opened which took Liam into that and he disappeared. Chloe came back home and nomes told her that Liam is inside the portals and he cannot come back. Chloe felt very sorry for him. She decided to go to the portal and bring him back.


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When she entered the portal, she saw a whole new world which was full of those purple creatures. She found Liam there and all those creatures were sticking to his body and covered him up. She removed them and finally, Liam was free.


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Returning Home

They were planning to return home after rescuing Liam but they do not know how they can go back? Moreover, that place was full of those purple creatures and it was also necessary to destroy all of those purple monsters. But the problem was that they were too many in numbers. Suddenly Liam came up with an idea that lithium battery inside Chloe's phone could react with the crystal and a huge explosion will occur which will destroy all these creatures.

Before they could do anything, a portal got opened and those purple monsters were flying into the world. Liam and the sixth nome who has stuck there a long time ago also went along them while Chloe threw his cell phone's battery into the crystal and a huge explosion occurred which killed all those round purple creatures. All of them reached home safely and they were happy that they have killed their biggest enemy but they were unaware that a bigger problem is waiting for them.



The Monster

They were enjoying their freedom and suddenly a huge monster appeared. This monster was the leader of those creatures who somehow survived and reached the earth through portals. That monster started to destroy everything around them and they were shouting here and there. Everyone tried to kill that monster but none could succeed. At last, Chloe threw a crystal and a toxic flower pot inside the mouth of that monster which blew him and he was dead on the spot.



Critical Review

The overall movie is just awesome. The visuals and the sounds are extraordinary. Especially, the tiny nomes are so cute that one could fall in love with them and want to have one of them. This illustrates the hard work of the animation designer who has designed awesome animations for this movie.



The storyline is brilliant and worth watching. I would suggest my readers watch this movie because I am sure that you are going to love this movie. In the end, here is the trailer for this movie so that you could have a better idea about this movie and in the end, there is a Querlo chat, never forget to answer that.

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