Go Behind the Scenes with Super Shrimp, Super Geek, and Other Playboy Super Heroes Directed by Noe Lefebvre

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We'd like to welcome back one of our favorite film directors, Noe Lefebvre (aka. Noe from Paris), who has just shared two of his latest works with us; "Super Playboy" and a commercial project for L'Oreal Professionnel. Many more examples of Noe's varied film projects can be seen on his WebTV. Please take a second to check them out, comment and share to your audience. 

 A lot of talk has been floating around the studio lately about super heroes and I'm not certain that Super Shrimp or Super Geek can break through to that initiative. BUT this G-rated behind the scenes project shot for Playboy will surely put a smile on your face. It did for me! Shot in South Africa, Noe follows journalist John Landle as he takes a closer look at Playboy's latest project. 


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