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Due to it's new release, and my new present, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is a smaller and lighter version of the Hero 3 and I thought I would share this beauty with those who are unaware. Firstly I am going to let you know a bit about the camera, with some busy technical tables, and then explain why I have chosen to share this blog.

It is now included with:

  • Astonishing 4K footage.
  • Can shoot 12mp stills at 30fps.
  • Has a 33% crisper and sharper image quality.

Not only are the visuals a jump better but they've also added a new auto low light function as well as 'SuperView' allowing a wider angle and more to fit into your image! Additionally they've only gone and improved the:

  • Battery life by 30%.
  • Audio with advance wind-noise reduction technology.

Below are some confusing tables that a technical lover would understand.... aka not me, as much as I love pretty new technology I can never fully understand it :(







Well that's the technology features out the way!
Now I know the ability of this tiny camera I aim to get as much experience with it as quickly as possible, including some test shoots (which I will upload once I receive the camera from California and get a spare day to go crazy with it) and taking it on shoots to help document some behind the scenes footage.

I have constantly had a fascination for extreme sports and all the GoPro videos that surface and get spread around the internet. Ranging from Ken Block's GymKhana videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6IQOyuo_r4 being my favourite) to a Fireman rescuing a kitten and a dog running with a stick (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjB_oVeq8Lo not forgetting Chicken - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXlDStpJVhM).

At the moment I am in cahoots with my assistant director in idea generation and development for my new film. Brainstorming from skydivers and hand-gliders to free-running/parkour and ending in circus acts we researched some locations within a 50mile radius resulting in some circuses in Stafford and training centres in Manchester.

The plan is to keep posting and update this blog throughout the processes of idea development, camera footage, location reccees and film shoots.

Please do let me know, as my reader, what kind of footage you would like to see or inspirations you think would help make this film the best it could be!

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