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Yep, I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a 'Goal Digger,' not to be confused with a similar label from a Kanye song ;)

For me setting goals is really important. If you want to achieve anything in life, I am an advocate for setting yourself goals to get there. I once read a famous quote about how an idea without a plan is just a dream, but an idea with goals is a possibility, and this concept motivates me no end.

I have been a bit lax lately when it comes to setting goals and getting my life in order, although I have set time aside tonight to sit and get everything down on paper.

I usually take a few pieces of paper and on the top of each I write a topic or category - Finance, Relationships, Work, Health for example. Then I write all the things I want to do on each page - so as an example, I might want to have £1000 in my savings account by December (it'd be nice, but it's not a real goal for me this year). So I write this on the appropriate page.

Then I go through each goal I have written and try and break it down into smaller more manageable steps - so taking the example of the savings - I might write that I will forward ten percent of my monthly earnings into my account. That would be one step. Then I add a couple more steps so that in front of me I have clear plans and a strategy of how I will get to where I want to be.

I don't know why but this really helps me to feel more organised and to have a clearer mind. Also it really helps me to keep on track and feel like I am making real progress. I think having the smaller goals and targets is so beneficial to me because otherwise I would be overwhelmed by all the things I have written or dream of doing. Actually breaking them down into bite-sized tasks is the key for me ticking them off my list.

Are you a 'Goal Digger?' How do you set yourself goals and stick to them? What are your goals or plans for this year?


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