God Answers Our Prayers in a Better Way

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God really surprises us everyday. Most of the time we are questioning why He sometimes won't answer our prayer the way we wanted it. It's simple because God always give us the best thing we deserved to have. He has better plans for us and I can prove that.

Starting this year I was already thinking of looking for other way of earning money through internet since it will be more convenient and I want that because I don't want to keep dragging myself to wake up at time and go to work although I admit I'm getting good pay in my current job. But sometimes money is really not enough if your getting too stress in your work. So, then we decided to apply for internet connection. Me and my Bhaby Mj can't decide if we will go for Pocket Wifi or Wired Connection and guest what God help us to make a good choice. When we were in one of Globe's branch in Cash and Carry Mall, I have completed all the forms and requirements needed but for some reason the money we have on hand is not enough for us to get the product. We were so disapointed because we didn't expect that it will cost that much. But it was blessing in disguise due to the incident we have to wait to complete our money and while we're waiting we decided to try and look for other internet service provider and so we found Skycable Broadband with just P1000 installation fee we already have it installed. Until we realized that we're lucky because if we ended up getting globe we will not enjoy our internet because Globe is not unlimited surf unlike Skycable that we can surf,download and watched videos without even worrying that we may consume our maximum cap every month. 

And that was one of our experiences on how God answers our prayer in a better way and he works in his own way to help us make right decisions.

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