God Create Universe

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The Benevolent, the Beneficent the Seer, the know, the Omnipotent whom often say we cannot see but Him everywhere and every time. We see God in every object of universe. He is near to us than us. We see God in flowers, in air, in the skies and in all the beautiful objects of this universe.


When flowers blooms, God smiles and when stars twinkles than God twinkles we see reflection of God up ourselves. When we see God is everywhere why we say that we cannot see God.

God created this universe for human and then he ordered that get knowledge about this universe. God is everywhere in this universe and it proved through this universe like sun, moon, mountains, rivers and earth all things are created by God. All these things move according their time table by God.



Hymn to God:

God creates the man of clot and then gives him body and thought.

God puts stars in the sky, creates birds and make them fly in the sky.

God gives to man pain and tears and bestows upon him relief and cheers

God gives fruit if man's strife and puts end to man's life



In His quest I wandered a lot,

And found Him near than throat

   is only God.

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