Gone Without Goodbye

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Nothing in life

can prepare us for the death

of a loved.Whether death

results from a sudden accident

or a sustained illness,

it always catches us off-guard.

Death is so deeply personal

and stunningly final,

nothing can emotionally prepare us

for its arrival.

With every death,

there is a loss.And with every loss,

there will be grief.

By:BibleStudy Tool Staff

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All of us fall in love and want to be loved."Love is unconditional" they say, for it is freely expressed, felt, and conveyed without any conditions and love doesn't expect anything in return even if it hurts.Once you feel it you can't stop and can't even explain nor describe the feeling.

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All you want to remember is that person, the way that person talk to you everything about him (her) makes your heart jump gloriously out of too much joy.Dreaming that the day will come, the person will also love you the way you love him (her). 

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Wanting that person to be always on your side being there when you need him the most.Remembering those happy days you spent together makes your heart pounder.Having the feeling of not wanting to be away from that person even in a second because he (she) always make your day whole.

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And one day suddenly he knelt down in front of you unexpectedly knowing, it was a proposal overwhelmed you finally said yes.Dancing with the wind, hearing the beautiful sound of nature you finally have it all.Filled with different emotions, the marriage is only a week ahead.It was joyful and glorious seeing the sunset of every passing day not minding any trouble nor a burden.

Suddenly one snap and the world came to stop and tears start to flow from a lover's eyes.Something terrible happened, something terrible which your heart can't take making your knees knelt to the ground and cry out loud, "!Why?!." Funny, but the weather get along with you,it started to rain that you began to sob uncontrollably.


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 Feeling the pain makes you want to vanish,losing the person you love just-like-that not expecting it to happen so soon.Looking at his (her) coffin with his (her) family and relatives around mourning in pain.If you could just follow him (her) right away but it's not right.It hurts, that the person you love so much is gone in an instant and ready to be buried.How cruel,the happiness brought by love seems to be just yesterday unknowingly in just a second it all turned into pain.

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What hurts the most is that person leaving without even saying goodbye, leaving you unspoken and shocked.You're badly wounded but you still thought of that dream,that dream where you would be together forever but why leave? And at least for the last time wanting to hear his (her) words before he (she) leave,hoping it to happen but it's too late.

Grief doesn't come and go in an orderly,confined timeframe.

Just when we think the pangs of anguish have stolen their last breath,

another wave sweeps in and we are forced to revisit the memories,

the pain,the fear.Sometimes we try to resist the demands of grieving.

We long to avoid this fierce,yet holy pilgrimage.

We fight against the currents,

terrified of being overwhelmed,

of being discovered,

of becoming lost in our brokenness.

 By: BibleStudy Tool Staff

 Gone!how can you accept such word in your life? Seeing his (her) reflection vanish through the air and left your hand hanging trying to reach him (her) but there is no one there.

Waking up in the morning and expecting that it was all a dream.Being there at your side when you wake up, the way he (she) always do.And feeling disappointed for he wasn't there beside you cheering you up.Remembering that his (she's) gone makes you cry even more like there is no end.How can you ever end this grief? Too painful for you to carry, will it ever last?

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Don't lose hope.The pain won't last forever as long as you know how to manage and hold on, holding on helps you from rising up.And in your life learn to accept the word 'move on'.

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Moving on help people undergo nor overcome pain,yes it's not easy to just say move on especially to a person who has lost a loved one it's hard, it's not that easy and it's not that simple.Sometimes for people moving on means forgetting but it's not applicable every time.My point is I am not telling you to forget what I'm telling is move on, move on keeping your memories intact with this person you once loved and cherish the times when you are mostly with each other.Make those memories as an experience and inspiration.Make those memories as a reminder knowing that you are capable of loving unconditionally,and that you once loved a person with all your heart that whom you once dreamed to be with in the future.I am not also telling you that moving on is looking for someone who can cover up your brokenness, a rebound maybe but you know in your heart that it will cause you no good.


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Instead it's better to wait for the very right person that is really meant for you because in this life you have thousand of chances to love over and over again.And if there's really this someone love him (her) more than what he (she) deserve but please don't bring up the past focus on what you have and be thankful.Surely where ever that person would be right now he (she) will be happy for you.No love one would ever want to see their love ones left unaided.

Grief itself is a medicene.

Grief  cleanses the anguish

from our souls and

sets us back up

on the path of life

so we can dance.

Grieving is the process

God uses to bring us

to a place of wholeness.

Grieving is His great gift to us.

It is a necessary

part of our journey,Healing.

By: William Lowper

"I belive moving on is bravery,for you are brave enough to accept the truth even if it hurts."


"That's why don't ever dare try leaving someone behind without even saying goodbye."

♡Written by zensky30 via bitlanders♡


  ¤¤¤¤¤¤♡Thank you and God Bless♡¤¤¤¤¤¤








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