Good & Bad Fellas

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This world is full of humans. Some of them are good and some them are bad. People who do bad deeds, acts or involve in immoral activities are called bad fellas. And the who perform good actions and give no harm to the people or to any other God creature are called good fellas.

Some people are naturally bad or good. But some turned into bad or good due their company and their home environment. It is the nature that sometime a saint came as a child in the house of evil and sometime a devil born in the house of saint. Both types change the familiarity of their families.  

Most of the evil gays are made due to their environment. When a child born he is innocent. An infant always a good guy but time and circumstances and surroundings or any special event in his life change him into a bad evil guy who harms the society, relatives, friends and even his family in one way or another. They are dangerous for society and also for all their surroundings. People try to avoid the bad guys and no body love or like them.

While on the other hand a good guy is blessing for the society. Every one love him and care for him.        

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