Good Bye Flappy Birds !!

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The World's famous app is going to be removed from Google Play and App Store. The Flappy birds is mostly popular in all age of the people. 

The Game removed from app store and Google play on Sunday. The Owner of this game already told that he is going to remove the game. The game was created basically for android and iOS users. This smart game earned 50,000$ a day only in Ads promotions, and revolutionized the history of App games by earning most amount and got best reviews from Users. In this short interval of time. Flappy birds was downloaded more then 50 million times. After coming on the 1st position last month, many media outlets wrote criticism about this game and wrote about the reviews of the users.

The Developer of the game ''Nguyen'' announced Saturday on twitter about the removal of the game and also wrote that he is facing many criticism, due to success of the game ,people are behind him and his personal life is being affected. 

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