Good deeds made me feel like heaven!!

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Today I am going to share one of experience of saving a tiny life. Once I was returning home after evening. The place I used to live is far away from town. So after evening, it became so silent that it looked like midnight. My home was 10 minutes walking distance from my home. I was walking as usual suddenly I heard a crying of a very thin voice. At first, I was scared of thinking it might be a little baby. But then I thought whatever it was It must need help and I searched for the sound. I found it was coming from a clump. Then I saw a kitty lying down on the bush and crying. From my childhood I am scared of animals always. I never touched them and its seemed to me they would tweak me. I turned on my mobile's flashlight and saw an injury in his leg. I looked around for people to tell them to pick the kitty as I was scared of it. But no one was there. Then I touched his forehead and nose to give him comfort and made him understand that I was not going to hurt him. I dandled him. Good news is that he didn't tweak me. I took him to my house. Then I washed his leg and made a bandage there. After that I gave him a bowl of milk. I made him a bed out of card boxes.
After 3 days he became fine. he stayed with me 3 months.

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