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Such a beautiful time. 8:30 am

There is a popular old saying in Russia, "God help those who get up early!" It is true as I know that the earlier I wake up, the more useful things I will be able to do! There is no doubt that your brain works increasingly more productive in the morning. 
Getting up early and doing constant brain trainings help you keep your brain sharp. It is always important to be able to perform well in the office or at meetings. On top of that it is quite obvious that the best ideas pop up in your head in the morning. You may disagree by giving me an example of individuals who work at night, so called 'owls'. Those people create their masterpieces at night while every creature is sleeping. Fair enough, however I prefer to wake up early, and in this blog post Is more about the majority us, office folks. 
The most successful entrepreneurs around the globe get up early. And it's essential if you run a business. In the morning you have fewer chances to be distracted. You will have no time to do anything if you wake up late. Exercising or reading can be done only in the morning. Early in the day you have more willpower along with a positive tone for the day if your day starts early.
Be happy and more productive! Wake up!
Let's set the tone for a happier and more productive day!
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