Good Parenting

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I hope so the best wishes for the readers.Today i am going to share with you a very useful and important information in topic good parenting.Good Parenting shows a moral status of a society.Good Parenting makes good society.Parenting starts from a child birth and this process goes to it mature age.This is a natural relationship.Every child has the right of good parenting.There are so many points to discuss but here are some important points i have shared.


1- Make strong bonding with your child if you do not have good relationship with your child then he is not going to listen you.This is a basic step of Good Parenting. Strong Bonding  with a child creates a trust relationship between you and your child.Parents can make strong relationship  with the children by physical and emotional interaction.

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The time you spend with your child is very precious for your child. Spent more time with your child and always be up to date with child's problem.Every child need attention of his parents.Good Parents spent more time with their  children.If you don't have enough time for your child then try to manage little time in a day.You can spend time by different ways i.e, watching movies , painting, gardening and the activites your child interesting in. 


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Always be the good advisor and consultant for your child.Good advice develop good habbits and character values.So parents should advise and consult their child time by time.Children need support of his parents in every field of their life.

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Parents should be consistant with their child.Consistancy of the parents built a good character in a child  If a child do misbehave with parents and others,it is not the fault of  child it is the fault of Parents.Parents most important disciplanary tool is  consistantancy.A child should be treated with respectful manners.Parents should speak their child politely and always respect the child's opinion.Pay attention every time when child need it.Try to please him when you can.Children treat others the way their parents treat them.

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Education is necessary and a right of every child.Parents are the first teachers of their child so parents should built a educational enviroment at home.Education makes a child respectful and reasonable citizen in his future career.Education plays a vital role in a chlid's development.Only the educated nations are making progress in the World.

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Parents should take care of child physical and mental health beacause good health makes a child healthy wealthy and wise.A child is on his growing age thats why he needs good food and healthy activities and enviroment.Good health activate the great confidance in a child and this confidance create a bright career of a child. 

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These are  the points which can be helpful for parents who are passing on parenting process.There are also so many NGOs and Organizations in the world that are working on the Prenting and Children rights  to develop better societies.World Child Days are mentioned in different countries every year to develop awareness on Good Parenting.                                        

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This is my first blog content for,i hope it will be informative and useful for every one.



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