Google Brain: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

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Technology is very important in every person's life today. It aides in making our tasks easier and faster providing convenience and less effort. Data gathering and providing tailored human-like solutions can now be done simultaneously and real-time as well. A lot of industries benefit from it. Thanks to artificial intelligence.


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Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is a machine possessing and exemplifying intelligence that is similar of humans. Unlike machines that only function repeatedly according to what was programmed, intelligent machines could learn and adapt to a certain scenario given and could respond base from it. Machines such as these have cognitive intelligence which gives it the ability to learn, analyze, adapt, and perceive things, speech, and emotions. It can also evaluate, decide and solve based from the data previously gathered.

Artificial intelligence is a computer science branch for intelligent machines and a vital partner on various industries particularly the technology industry. One example of artificial intelligence I will be sharing with you today is the "Google Brain".


"Make machines intelligent. Improve people's lives."

- Google Brain Team

Google Brain is an artificial intelligence and machine learning project by Google X. It is a deep thinking artificial intelligence which aims to help improve the lives of people. Google Brain aims to develop an intelligent machine with an intelligence similar to humans and can learn, converse, and offer solutions to its clients or customers in a human-like manner.

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Google has been continuing to improve AI to be able to implement and use it by everyone daily. Helping us do things faster and possibly contribute in giving new solutions on healthcare, environment, economic opportunity, racial equity, education, and a lot more. Google Brain is definitely a powerful and useful tool that could shape the future of people and technology. It's good to see that advancement in technology is put to good use and betterment of everyone.

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