Google chairman Eric Schmidt talks immigration, Tim Cook, Julian Assange and his favorite snack foods (video)

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Eric Schmidt

Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently sat down with ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis and discussed topics ranging from immigration to snack foods and reading interests. The Google executive also spoke candidly about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent letter on privacy and WikiLeaks frontman Julian Assange, who’s publicly referred to Google as “the private NSA.”

Accompanied by Jonathan Rosenberg, co-author of his new book, How Google Works, Schmidt referenced how Google has opposed the NSA, and pointed out how his company encrypted its data to further protect its information from outside sources, including the government. As for Apple CEO’s subtle jabs at Google and its products, Schmidt, a former Apple board member, addressed concerns about privacy, discussing how the Mountain View-based software giant offers options like Chrome’s Incognito mode, which shields your information from websites and other users browsing the web from the same device. Check out the breakdown of the interview.

Schmidt on immigration

Schmidt on Tim Cook

Schmidt on Julian Assange

The final excerpt from Schmidt’s interview take more of a personal look at the former Google CEO, where Jarvis hits him with a bit of a rapid fire session asking him about some of his personal habits, along with more casual questions like: who would make a better dining companion out of Mark Cuban or Mark Zuckerberg?


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