People who like GoPro product line awaiting the launch of two new products HERO4, then today, to get more information GoPro introduces a popular product line entry-level referred to simply as HERO. While two high HERO4 product line coming out with two versions of Black and Silver 4K video recording / 30 and touch screen, the HERO of low flow and connectivity features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But HERO has turned quite high quality, 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps speed. Operation mechanism of HERO will is simple, just start the camera with a button "QuikCapture" located inside the camera body. There are more modes "Auto Low Light" to increase the light collection activities should operate the camera in low-light situations. On account photographed, HERO allows continuous shooting at 5 frames / sec with a resolution of 5MP and Time-Lapse feature shoot 0.5s / image. The body and the protective shell of the structure is still high line of GoPro, and certainly water-resistant to a depth 40m.Tom off the basic specifications of HERO:

Video 1080p / 30
Video 720p / 60
1 button mechanism QuikCapture
Auto Low Light
Continuous shooting at 5 frames / sec, 5MP resolution
Time-Lapse Capture 0.5 / photos
Water resistant to 40m depth

It plans to launch in January 10/2014 in May along with HERO4
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