Gosebumps 2000: Fright Camp (Book Review)

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Front Tagline: Where the wild things are... out of control!

I gotta say, just when I think this series can offer no more surprises, along comes Fright Camp, a book so derivative of past books that it makes I am Your Evil Twin look wholly original. I can say with no exaggeration that if you've read (the books or the entries) for Welcome to Camp Nightmareand A Shocker on Shock Street, then you've read this book. Don't believe me? Take the quiz below and discover for yourself just how familiarFright Camp is.

Brief Quiz

01 Protagonists Andrew and Tyler's parents start the summer right by telling their children
A They're adopted
B Their parents were adopted
C They're not invited to the family vacation
D Off, those lousy stinking kids

02 The book flirts with self-reference as Andrew's parents enroll him and his brother in a summer camp run by the "Scariest Man Alive,"
A FW Murnau
B FX Toole
C RB Farraday
D DB Sweeney

03 On the bus ride to the questionably named Fright Camp, the siblings get excited by
A The prospect of an Arts and Crafts Cabin From Hell
B The likelihood of a horror camp's bug juice being made from real bugs
C The bumps the driver hits in the road
D RL Stine's newest acquisition to his fleet of yachts, 'River Beware'

04 Once arriving at the camp, the children are
A Greeted warmly by the caring staff
B Immediately dissed in the staff's slam book
C Handcuffed to an electroshock generator
D Reminded that the first rule of Fright Camp is that they don't talk about Fright Camp

05 All of the bunks, cabins, and attractions at Fright Camp are named after
A US Vice Presidents
B Mr. Sketch scented markers
C Characters and locations from RB Farraday's films
D LiveJournal usernames

06 The campers are warned by the counselors against playing in the awkwardly worded
A Knife Pool
B Eight-lane-highway Trail
C Bottomless Quicksand Pit of Screams
D Scary Raccoon Trash Can Book Cover Fun Area

07 One jokester scares his fellow campmates by pretending his hand is caught in a
A Hunny pot, only to be mauled by an angry bear
B Cookie jar, spoiling the song for everyone by revealing who then
C Wasp nest
D Lie. Why, that's really his foot!

08 RB Farraday shocks the children by 
A Clearly peeking during their game of Seven Up
B Using ironic racism
C Calling them prisoners
D Actually shocking the children, with electricity

09 RB Farraday has directed 35 horror movies and believes the best way to terrify an audience is to
A Show them how hot dogs are made
B Drop a loud book while they're taking a test
C Scare them using real terrors
D Allow Mickey Rourke's style consultant to dress them

10 In order to begin the horror for the children, Farraday's helper Alonso does what terrifying act?
A Brings out his Horror-Beginner Machine
B Shows their parents the campers' secretly whiteout-defaced Trapper Keepers
C Wheels in a caged gorilla
D Dons world's last hypercolor shirt, draws "Boo!" on chest with finger

11 Andrew notices cameras all over camp. He figures they're there
A In case Paris Hilton wants to have sex somewhere
B Because they are free-range camcorders in their natural habitat
C For surveillance on the campers
D Because RB Farraday set up Fright Camp in order to film a documentary on terror. Whoops, ***SPOILER ALERT***

12 Andrew goes swimming and is grabbed by an underwater zombie who looks just like a missing camper. This sounds familiar because
A What am I talking about, this is a fresh and novel turn of events
B Andrew was already warned about this happening in the brochure
C Oh cool, you've read the Curse of Camp Cold Lake too
D 'Dead person in the water' is a common halloween costume--

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