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A few recent incidents regarding the violation of powers by security personnels have created public hostility toward the police department and rangers.In August 2010 one of the worst incident took place when two young boys were publically launched by a mob in Sialkot and even in the presence of public officials.Those officials were directly involved in that heineous crime.In another incident in 2011 a young man “Sarfraz Shah” was shot dead by two rangers considering him a “terrorist” although he was unarmed and pleading for his life.

In another incident of Akhrottabad a group of foreigners were callously gunned down by the rangers considering them as terrorists.Whom is this security establishment working for.The state of governance seem almost incorrigible with above kind of law and order situation.Crippled economy is still another sad episode of governance in Pakistan. Flourishing economy is one of the major component of good governance.Governance and economic performance are interrelated.In Pakistan economic governance is the victom of political instability.


For women and children to die in stampedes for a few kilograms of wheat ,in a country which produces more wheat than its requirements is nothing but lack of governance .Pakistan Commission for Human Rights stated that 208 people (in Pakistan) committed suicide and predominantly out of economic problems.In the end of March 2011,debt owed to IMF aggregated to 8.9 billion dollars .During the current year IMF gave 452 million dollars as emergency for budgetary assistance .Excessive increase in debt has caused problems for Pakistan the past,while imprudent domestic borrowing plagued in the economy during 2010-11 .This economic crisis intensifies poor performance of Pakistan at MDG’s.

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