Grab Those Cricket Uniforms For Free!

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While I was visiting Ako-Eto's microblogs, he have mentioned there that Scotland and UAE Uniforms are now for free in the shop. And so I got curious so I immediately went to see the shop. Good thing I haven't bought the Scotland uniform yet, I said to myself. After I purchased it for free, I scroll down only to see that all of the cricket uniforms are now for FREE! 


Now I have come up with a hypothesis that maybe they'll be pulling these cricket uniforms out already. I am not sure if we could still earn some buzz points from it since it's already free and it's not written in there anymore. I wasn't able to buy them all since I have limited gems. But at least I was able to try some! :)

If you don't have gems ladies and gents, it's now your chance to grab them all! As long as your closet could handle them of course! :)

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