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I had the chance to receive an invitation to join iRazoo and GrabPoints sites which in some way were similar to SwagBucks, where one can earn points just by doing simple tasks like watching videos, completing offers or answering surveys, etc.

It's nice to know that iRazoo and GrabPoints are both available worldwide while SwagBucks availability on the other hand, is only limited to countries like USA, UK and Canada. So, that made me join the first two sites mentioned using my iPhone.

After several trials, I found GrabPoints to be more user friendly. To my dismay, iRazoo would not simply work on mobile browsers. It was useless so I gave it up.

I checked my GrabPoints notifications daily to claim 7 or 5 points and answer trivia (15 points for correct answer). I was very excited to redeem $3 via PayPal after earning 3,000 points. I didn't know that GrabPoints changed the minimum redemption to 4,000 ($3)! Grrrrrrrrrr!

I checked other tasks offered and found that I could earn just viewing and sharing (I like Twitter because I could tweet as much as I can) articles on social media. 

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If you want to try GrabPoints, you can start earning 500 points with my invite code:


Take note, YOU earn 500 points not me! LOL!

Same with iRazoo. I stopped using it but you can still use my invite code to earn 500 points:



Referral earnings is based on where they are FROM and credited only after they earn 1,000 or more points i.e. I earn 100 points if someone join from Philippines (Tier 3), enter my invite code above and earn 1,020 points. 

Tier 1 Countries are US, Canada, GB/UK and Australia. 

There are several OPTIONS to redeem your points but the most popular is via PayPal.


I earned 4,000 points (new minimum redemption via PayPal) after six (6) months and received $3 in 48 hours.

I guess it would take forever for me to reach my second redemption because no more available articles for tweeting. Watching videos and installing apps to earn points is not practical for me and I don't like to participate in surveys because most of them ask for personal informations. 

Watch GrabPoints' video below to learn more:



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***Images are my iPhone screenshots***