Graduating Depression: What Do I Really Want In Life

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I guess it happens to everyone, not every single time but at one point in our life. It's when you're finally a step closer to your dreams and then that's the time when you'll have second thoughts about your dreams. Your plans. What you really wanna be. What you really want to achieve in life. Yeah, life is complicated like that.

I am in that point of my life right now. I am constantly asking myself of what do I really want in life. I guess that's the downside of taking a 5 years course. It's not that easy especially when you see your high school batch mates and friends who are now working, some of them are even flying abroad already. Am I intimidated by that? I guess I am. I guess I have this doubt with myself if I can achieve what they have achieved. That's kind of a pressure for me. 

For now, I can only hope that may I be able to choose the right path and to do the right thing. I know God will provide the way to success. And whatever that path is, I'll be willing to submit myself. 

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