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I arrived in Kabul early morning on Friday, September 22(gawza). I went directly to the hostel to take a rest for a few hours. There, I became acquainted with some of my roommates. As the noon was approaching all of us decided to attend Friday congregational payers. When the prayers ended, we came back to the hostel where I set to prepare myself for the next day’s task the first day of my university.

Saturday, September 23(haml), was the first day of the class at Rhe School of humanities in Ferdowsi University. The first day of the class started at 9 am with lecture on English as the second language. As it was completely different from high English classes, I thought I would run into real difficulty in learning the language. All the word and sentences were explained in English and nobody was allowed to speak even a word in dari. However, as time elapsed I realized that i become interested in picking up the language very fast. The following session was on statistic which started at I P.M.

as there was enough time between morning and afternoon sessions, I went to the self-service canteen for lunch. After eating lunch, I attended the afternoon classes and then proceeded my way directly to the dormitory to rest. All the credits for the first semester were compulsory.

Therefore, like the other students I was obliged to take subjects as Islamic history, foreign language, basic mathematics, general psychology and basic statistics. Since I did not make good grades on mathematics when I sat for the university entrance examinations I could not attend the regular classes of mathematics, so I enrolled in the pre-requisite course(s).

Time moved swiftly. The first semester had soon come to an end. I had to sit for the exams. I devoted most of my time to study. I did this because I could answer the question quite well and furthermore, I felt that had to make my benign parents happy who were miles away from me. I passed all my examinations successfully and began to realize that studying at the academic level was not so tough for I had made a very good average in my first semester o f education.

Since I had missed my parents very much and had no time during the semester to see my family members, I took a trip to Rasht to pay them a visit. This period passed as fast as a wink and I had to return to Kabul to start my second semester. The second semester also passed quickly. I was once again proud that I had made a good average at the end of the semester. All the semesters were passed successfully one after another and I didn’t fail in any subject during my studies at university finally I got my bachelors degree in psychology from ferdowis university with a very good average.

The time had come to leave the holy city of Kabul and return to Rasht in the hope of finding a suitable job, matting and settling down. At first it was difficult for me to leave all my old friends, the holy city of Kabul and all those unforgettable moments during my education, but life made me leave all these things and start a new way of living.

At the moment, I am employed at a welfare organization. I am married. Have a daughter and a son. I have adopted this motto for myself. Fewer children, a better life

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