Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is one the most spectacular games I ever played, it's a game, were you can do almost anything you like, you can thrifting stores, buy a variety of weapons. Including new sniper rifles. Including armor, which can protect you from proper gunfire. You will also be able to to blow the gastanks open on cars, you can also set the gasoline trail on fire, which in the end can ignite the gastank on the car, make it blow it - Nice isn't it! ;) And of lot of other things to do, you can't really imagined how big the world is. It is even bigger than any other game map compared to GTA IV, and San Andreas, yeah well even Red Dead Redemption. Anything else just huge! This game came out on September 17. 2014, so it's almost a year old, and when the times comes there will definitely be a 6th installment of GTA coming out! including alot of other titles which been annouced!

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