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I just found this best bux site with a great earning potencial,
and I'd like to share the BEST strategy to earn fast and big here.


  • FREE referral renting
  • FREE referral recycling
  • Up to .03¢ per click
  • Up to .03¢ per RR click
  • Buy direct referral
  • Up to $22 upgrade commission
  • Instant Withdrawals

=to earn fast here in grandbux,

  1. register a free account: grandbux
  2. rent 100 rr(don't recycle any of them)
  3. wait until 7 days
  4. rent additional 100 rr(don't recycle any of them)
  5. (optional)rent a total of 400 rr

Supposed you have now at-least a total of 200 rented referrals.It is time to upgrade your account to ULTIMATE CLICKER.With this membership you can now rent a referral for FREE and also recycle any inactive referral for FREE.

Please mind that Ultimate clicker membership has a maximum of 5rr to rent every 3 days.So you'd want to rent more before upgrading.Also free recycle is available for Ultimate Clicker membership only.

*ULTIMATE CLICKER earning potential
your standard ads, $0.02¢/ad = 0.02*4*30 = $2.4/30 days
RR standard ads, $0.02¢/ad = 0.02*2000*30 = $1200/30 days

Proof :



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I'm student in Viet Nam. I'm like listen to music in my free time, i love animal. So, want to earn bit coin online :))

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