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Ok so C-CEX is an exchange where anybody with access to the internet can use it with basic knowledge.

You can trade your coins to Bitcoin or vice versa or even $ so in that respect it stand's out.

It is also great how the devs of coins and the worker's @ C-Cex are always in the chat box just talking with trader's and helping out noobs. Just recently they have started seeing the stars in the sky as more and more people turn to C-CEX to gain there coin's Especially the coins they list 1st before any other exchange without all the fiasco of scam's and ridiculous ipo's.

You also have the guarantee that your market won't be clogged up with coins of no use or interest as you can hide them but no only that if a coin has a volume that is under 1BTC per week the coin will be removed unless the community steps in so that helps.

So my view

it may once of been an infant but is growing at a phenomenal rate now and starting to mature and i love it


thanks for reading ;)

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