Greatest Book

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The holy Quran is the last divine book. It was revealed on last holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Muslims all over the world love to recites it with a supreme sense of adoration. Many of them remember it by heart. To recites the Holy Quran indeed a virtuous deed. But the real benefit lies in the understanding of it. The Muslims should understand its teaching. This is the book that guarantees the welfare and the happiness of humans. It cures humans of their spiritual maladies. If we recite and understand it, we can make arid to many of our worldly blesses us with calm of mind and soul. The man who understands its content and acts upon it is a blessed soul.

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life. It contains the secret of success. It demands to be understood and followed. It is not written for a particular nation. It is a guiding light for all humans. It throws light upon all aspects of human life. It discusses social, economic and many other problem of life. It also suggests solution to all these problems. We can utilize the teaching of Holy Quran only by understanding it.

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