Green tea benefits

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Green tea comes in the most popular beverages used all over the world. It is one of my favorite too. Green tea is used by the human from at least thousands years. Before a century ago it is used as a medicine. Green tea is prepared from the same plant which is used to prepare black tea. This tea has many medical properties as it contains alkaloids like caffeine.

Mostly green tea is used for weight loss and for healthy skin but it contains other compounds which prevent human from many diseases. Doctors recommend green tea to those patients which have high level of cholesterol.  The alkaloid caffeine has property to enhance brain function it increase human thinking power as well as increase the ability of neurons to send messages quickly. Green tea also helps our brain to function amazingly in old ages.

Many doctors suggest green tea for those patients who have high risk of cancer. Green tea is used to prevent cancer like breast cancer liver cancer, leukemia, oral cancer, and renal cancer. Green tea bags are also applied to skin for making skin fresh and beautiful. It is also used to decrease redness and skin burns. Green teas bags are applied under eyes to decrease the swelling of eyes. Green tea is also used to prevent heart diseases. Many cardiologist suggest heart patients to take two cup of green tea every day as it control the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack. many gum and candy making industries use green tea in their products as it reduces gum problems

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