Gregory Iron reminds me that I have to be a fan to Tim Donst

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I was on Facebook and saw a link from Tim Donst and it was an article or blog entry from Gregory Iron. Gregory talk about Dennis Stamp, a legend in Pro Wrestling, who haven't wrestle since the early 1990s, had his first match in AIW, by teaming up with Dick Justice (Yes, that's his ring name, please don't get mad at me) and Grado, who is a huge Madonna fan, who wants his friends to use the hashtag #SayYesMadonna to get her approval for one of her songs that he can use for TV, but, sadly, she hasn't responded yet. The trio wrestled against Gregory and his boys of his stable, the Iron Curtain. Stamp, Justice, and Grado did win.


Gregory did also bring something to the fans who would be reading it, but, it sure made me remember why I feel so hurt inside as much outside with my workout with 8lbs dumbbells (Weider) while trying to do some Crossfit exercises that I can find online (Ya'll can blame Seth Rollins for it since he is mostly does tweet about it besides what he does in WWE), Tim Donst have a tumor in his right kidney. When I heard the news that Friday night by Dave Muscarella (Aka Cartoon Dave as what his twitter display name says) when he was attending the AIW show, I Choo-Choo-Choose You. I was thinking around the weekend especially on Valentine's Day what was wrong with Tim, when he tweeted. I thought he got ill or needed his appendix removed, but I did not know that he was suffering pain that he thought it was because of his matches, but, it was more than that. It was that he had a tumor. I cried in my own home. I told my friends Valentyna and Anne what happened. They too knew and I am sure they shed tears too, because they know someone who I really like, besides my brother's lady friend, Rita. 


Gregory detail on how he knew about Tim during several occasions including both men had a tryout with WWE at Ohio Valley Wrestling, before WWE had to distance themselves and only have one developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling (Now NXT). I was kinda shock that they were in the same place that house Drew Galloway, Colt Cabana, Matt Morgan, Cliff Compton (Both times as Domino with Deuce and Cherry and as himself), CM Punk, Stu Sanders (Both Sanders and Galloway ended up in FCW), and even the late Lance Cade. Gregory also mention about Tim's time in Chikara and ending up at AIW. Gregory did wrestle against Tim and also DJ Zema Ion (Yeah, Zema is a legit DJ. I seen a video clip on the TNA Wrestling YouTube channel) in a three way dance. 


Also, Gregory did mention that Tim got a really positive vibe from Mick Foley. He also forgot to mention Tommy Dreamer tweeted to Tim too. Yeah, I don't blame him if he did not know. I was kinda livid at Dreamer posting a photo of himself with Thea Trinadad and Austin Aries for his birthday and the next thing you know, Dreamer tweets to Tim. I wonder if Mick told him or Dreamer saw Mick's tweet to Tim? Gregory did said that he was on a show with Foley and he thank him for making Tim's day. I thank Foley too...kinda a little bit overkill if you ask me. 


Gregory finished off something that it was really do make sense. He said:


Tim, you may be down right now, but you’re far from out. I know you can fight this. Don’t worry. You don’t have to battle this alone. As Josh Prohibition said, “Wrestling is a brotherhood. Tim– we have your back.”


Gregory and Josh are right. The wrestlers do (Except for Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, which I haven't seen one of them send a tweet to him! Let's just say that the former duo are playing tag team replacements) have his back, but, they are not alone. So do I am my friends and I am sure the fans do too.


There has been a catchphrase Tim says, but, he ends up saying "Catchphrase!" like if anyone gets it. Well, if you don't, I do. It's goes like this:

Karma isn't real...but Tim Donst is.

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