Grilling is a healthy way of cooking the most?

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How to cook you do can affect your health and body shape. That sound research that was launched from

It seems that it is not excessive. Because as it is known that cooking methods such as frying with oil will increase the levels of fat and cholesterol in the diet. While the vegetables boil for too long could eliminate the nutrients contained in them. For this reason, health research conducted in India suggests you to start trying to bake the food that you consume.

"High heat of grill tools are able to lock in nutrients and moisture of food that makes your food cooked to a soft texture without you need to add oil or butter in it. Bonus, you can still get the nutrients from the food you though," wrote the study.

Still from this study is called that of the two options namely roasting foods using the stove or over charcoal, you should choose which to use the stove. Because in addition to being complicated, containing charcoal carbon that can produce carcinogenic or cancer-causing substances in food that is dangerous.

So, if you are interested in trying to cook this way?


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