Gross And Disgusting Things That Long Term Couples Do Together

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I came across this certain video which tells about 8 disgusting things that only long term couples do. As I am watching it, I can't help but laugh really hard as I can clearly relate to some of those mentioned in the video. I am in a long term relationship if any of you doesn't know. Almost 5 years in commitment and 7 yrs of love and friendship. :)

We all know that for new couples, they seem to adjust to each other during their first month up to their first year. Most of the times, new couples can't help but get shy showing to their partners their "gross" side. We all have that right? I even experience before being so shy about telling my partner that I have to pee or to poop. Or when I'm plucking my underarm's hairs, I excuse myself and hide in the room. Hahaha! But as the relationship grows stronger and last longer, that's when you get so comfortable with each other that you even don't mind showing them the real you. No fake excuses. When I gotta pee or poop, I say it with full confidence! Haha. Because you know that at the end of the day, no matter how disgusting and gross you are, they'll still accept you as you. :)


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