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Company leaders are well aware of the importance of social media today. Communication with your audience becomes a part of your business. The old trade rules based on the principle of who will want - will get to know; who will need - acquire no longer apply. In an overcrowded market, it is important to talk about yourself and show your uniqueness to the audience.

Such as Facebook can help there as it is well-known and loved by all world. Finally, if Facebook were a state, only the land of China and India would exceed it by population. Managers say they even know why social media is so important - it can lead to mouth-to-mouth marketing

However, the majority of managers do not have the idea of taking advantage of social media. Companies set up their own Twitter and Facebook accounts but don't realize how to integrate them into a marketing program.

Don’t make assumptions about where your audience spends their time online. Your instinct might tell you that you should skip Facebook and focus on Instagram and Snapchat if you’re targeting millennials, but the data shows that 82 percent of millennials still use Facebook.


There are two interrelated reasons that explain why social media is still a huge confusion and doubt for corporate executives. First, the vague nature of social media. It's no secret that consumers talk about products and brands online and share tips. However, it is difficult to notice and intervene in these conversations.

Secondly, there is no clear link between social media's influence on financial indicators. Business leaders are so focused on return on investment that give too little financial and human resources for social media marketing, so unborn initiatives and ideas are frozen. And the result remains unclear.

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Four Main Functions Of Participation In Social Media

I think business should be where its target audience is. As the majority of Internet users use social networks, it becomes a necessity for business. On the other hand, being on social networks is not enough. You need goals, reach your target audience, and make sure your actions deliver real benefits.

The most important thing is not only the ability to reach everyone but also the ability to adapt the content to each segment.

Monitor - monitoring the users' behavior.

Response -  responding to users queries.

Amplify -  strengthen the relationship with users.

Leading - lead the user in the desired direction.

Understanding how, when and where social media affects consumer self-determination and behavior is essential.

In short, the head of the company today must tolerate social media as an inevitability and vital marketing activity, which is overseen not only by the marketing department or advertising agency. In this blog, I will discuss the four business functions in social media, and how they can help a company to increase sales.


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Monitor The Users' Behavior

Monitoring consumer behavior - just knowing what people talk about products and services online - is the key to success in social media.

Even without direct involvement with the consumer, monitoring consumers' behavior online allows companies to gain valuable insights helping for the development and marketing of the product. 

The critical element of consumer behavior monitoring is a speed. Feedback must be converted into concrete solutions as soon as possible. The information must reach the right people and departments: communication, production, marketing, public relations or risk management. 

Social networks allow businesses to reach their audience. Also, these platforms allow to segment users in different sections and reach each segment with a customized message. 


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Responding To The Users' Queries

However, monitoring consumer behavior is just the beginning. Individual communication with clients and their groups is another form of involvement in social media. Reaction to user queries can increase brand awareness, quench negative associations, and lead to positive. 

In most cases, responding to user queries is part of crisis management. So this step is mainly about turning negative messages into a positive process.

The importance of responding to consumer negative queries and comments will continue to grow. This is an environmental factor that neither the company nor its advertising and public relations agencies can control completely. The company's response will never be perfect, but it is better to respond properly than not to respond at all. The right response, in this and many other cases, is a transparent, honest, and reliable communication to the consumers.


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Strengthen The Relationship With Users

Advertising on social networks draws the client's attention, helps to set up relationships and promotes concrete actions. When launching advertising on the social network, it is necessary to select the right audience and pay special attention to the broadcast message. When designing a campaign, it is necessary to define the target audience as accurately as possible and to identify its specific characteristics. This will help create relevant content that is tailored to individual customer interests, select essential criteria for advertising, and meet the most effective results.

Your reputation and the image you create in the social space shape the customer's opinion and have a direct impact on sales promotion. The evaluations made in social space and feedback from former clients play an important role in the visitors' solution. In order to increase consumer confidence, it is necessary to respond quickly and appropriately to comments. Negative effects will be the artificially generated reviews, comments and ratings, poor quality visual content, outdated website design, incomplete contact information, and more.

Market knowledge is one of the most important factors for successful communication. Choose a close and familiar writing style for potential customers to create a close relationship - analyze customer messages and identify features specific to your target audience, such as real topics, commonly used words, speaking manners, etc.


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Lead The User In The Desired Direction

Social networks visitors receive a huge amount of information and offer every day, so it is hard to draw and keep the attention of potential customers. The message to the clients should interest them, make a good impression, and encourage them to do one or another action (call-to-action).

Practice shows that a frequent customer, clicking on the advertised ad and seeking to buy a particular product or service, learns that various other charges will apply, such as shipping, packaging, margins, VAT, etc. This behavior generates a negative customer reaction and encourages the refusal of the purchase, so the prices of the advertised goods or services should not mislead consumers.

Beyond publishing and advertising, one of social media’s most important business functions is that it enables you to connect with customers on a very personal level. Every client is within your reach and can easily be talked to directly. You can have many of these conversations simultaneously, something you couldn’t do over the phone or even in person. And social media allows you to quickly learn about customers, from what they share and your interactions with them.


In order to keep the visitor's attention and make sure sales success, focus on customer loyalty-enhancing marketing tools: tell about promotions, offer free supplements, discount on other purchases, and so on.

Most of the sales are determined by emotions. This means that the purpose of the broadcast advertising is to create a good mood, to attract customers and to encourage the immediate purchase of the offered product or service.

A properly selected headline is the most important part of your message. It has to be informative, brief and clear, to talk about the problem that is relevant to the client and how to solve it. For highest customer attention, choose a headline that promotes interest and creates emotion.


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The Things Managers Should Check

Business leaders need to strategically deploy digital platforms for their communication - from intranet and website to social networking sites and video sharing platforms.

Use a variety of social tool palettes. It is not enough simply to drop another message on Twitter or another micro platform. Solid companies create a strategic plan for digital communication that includes at least several online channels.

Write a blog. The most social business executives see value by creating content that has a lasting value on a personal or corporate blog. Their publications have a perspective, context, meaning.

Make the most of your website's resources sharing to Social media. Such leaders realize that the official website of the company remains the point of support for digital communication.  Share the most important information on the website, and social media have to get the latest news from there.


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The principle of self-author. Company managers must follow the DIY principle. Don't forget the principle of independence, which is inextricably linked to creating a self-service channel. It would be strange to read a business leader blog on such as platform.

Be far-sighted. The future technologies and social media's perception should grow the roots in the blood of business leaders. They need to understand what the place takes their content in a chaotic web ecosystem.

Be spontaneous, but don't lose formality. Great socially adaptable company executives always stay formal - the shareholders will likely read it.  However, when there are important market knowledge and innovation, they react quickly and share their thoughts.

Involve shareholders. Excellent business executives appreciate the social ecosystem on the Internet and seek to involve as many interests as possible in the dialogue with the most important shareholders.


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Importance Of The Quality

Only properly used social networks can work qualitatively, so it is vital to pay enough attention and do it professionally. 

Choose a strategy that quality is more important than quantity. Speaking figuratively, better create 10 times fewer articles and share them but 10 times better than your competitors. In the long run, this strategy will allow you to bring together not only a large number of readers but also to make sure that the brand is more competitive than your competitors.

Keep checking your actions: I suggest you set goals and quickly try different ways to meet those goals. There is no one right way - different things affect different businesses. Small but fast strategy testings help you find a correct way much faster.

For those who want quality social networking management, I recommend not to try blindly every innovation. There are so many innovations on social networks that you can name them for a few hours. However, the biggest problem is people want to do something new, although they have not yet fully dealt with what is old and tested.

In my opinion, every communication channel must bring tangible benefits, and the test of innovation alone will not guarantee it. We must pursue our goals, but this not always is about innovation.


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Video Content

People have long been loving video blogs, but some companies are still trying to realize that video content isn't just buying advertising.  

Entrepreneurs considering the possibility of creating video content would congratulate and encourage them because they will give to the audience what they want - true content. I would recommend giving the viewer real value. Knowledge, entertainment, anything that fits a particular audience, but only then showcase your product, though at best, you do not display it at all.

It is important to realize that if you start working with video content, it will be a long way. It is not a finite process. Created 2 to 5 video units will have no long-term impact. To create video content, where the user will spend 3 to 5 minutes with you, will certainly not be an easier challenge. However, the results are much higher: engagement and going with you will be ten times longer. 


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However, without realizing what content, format, manners are used on YouTube, you can be ridiculed in public. The influence and dissemination of opinion leaders are high. I think the threat might be when people with a traditional TV advertising perception try to create video content on the YouTube platform.

In any case, I encourage to create video content on the Internet, consult with experts, opinion leaders and check what is happening elsewhere. The audience is already there and waiting for what you will offer.

On The Final Note 

Social media activity can really help promote a business - and the most interesting thing is that if you want to figure it out, many examples will come to help you. Social networks generate not only a lot of opportunities to promote brands, but also to develop a business from scratch, and often this does not need any large investments.

In social networks, people discuss everything, including your business - whether you like it or not. If you do not take part in this, then you are missing clients. It is not right. Social media marketing - the struggle for survival in the face of information noise.

Social networks are developing rapidly and add even more tools for advertising. In other words, today the business development in social networks is not just a fashionable trend, but a necessity. Indeed, among a multi-million audience of social networks and instant messengers, every entrepreneur can find a buyer. You just need to look right.


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Social media marketing in our time has a huge impact on business growth. There is such a thing - the price of inaction. If your company is not yet promoted on social networks - you pay for this inaction. And this fee is a loss of profit.


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