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So I was randomly thinking about how many police (not all) frown on people protecting themselves, and their families in their own house when someone breaks in. If it comes to the use of firearms and protecting your family with the use of a fire arm the protector is often charged. The police want people in trouble to only call 911. Sure call 911, but only in dreamland will the police get to the place in time before the damage is done, it's unrealistic, there would have to be a police officer on every street corner, and I'm not ready to pay those kind of taxes. Some criminals might flee if you dial 911, but I doubt it would work all the time. If the person is a crazy person than jail probably wouldn't even scare them. Who says that the criminal isn't going to be between you and the phone and therefor the criminal that entered your house has free reign on you, your family, and your belongings, because more than likely the criminal/s is going to be the only armed person if you are anti gun. To not protect your house is like saying North America shouldn't have arms to protect our countries. If other countries knew we simply decided to be defenceless how many armies would destroy our countries. I think that every person should have full right to protect their house, and along with that they should have full right to own a fire arm with out obligation to notify the government. It's like the government is granting permission that you are allowed to protect you and your family when they tell you to register your gun. I don't need permission to protect my family, when I decided to have a family I knew that protecting my family was an obligation (weather it means dying for them or not). "Register that government!"

After thinking about this topic some more, lets say someone owns a gun, and someone breaks into their house, there should be full right to well... shoot the guy. First off I would rather explain to a judge that I had to shoot a man, than explain to God why I didn't protect my family. It's that whole "more fear of God, than fear of man" thing. I also looked up some laws and here we go with this, and take this to the courts if you are ever in this situation. If you are in your own home and own a firearm and are able to take the criminal out in order to protect your family but yet you don't do anything you very well may be an accomplice of the crime. Here is how, an accomplice is someone who commits the crime, and anyone who decides to omit to do anything about the crime that is taking place. This aids the one committing the crime, and anyone who abets (encourage) the crime is also an accomplice. Wait a second, if someone breaks into my house and is threatening me and my family, and if I decide not to pull my gun out (if I have one) does this mean I am breaking the law? Yes, if you don't do anything about the situation (which would mean pulling a gun out because there is more than likely no other way to overpower the criminal) then you are part of the problem according to law. This doesn't automatically mean shoot the guy, you could pull a gun on the person who broke into your house and call the police, but of course shooting the guy should also be an option if need be.

If you have been in this situation before and didn't pull a gun out at the time, I personally don't think you are a bad person, in the middle of a situation things are way easier said than done. I have never been in such situation, so I can't say it's how I would handle the situation, I might scream like a girl and hide for all I know LOL, but what I am saying is that by law you do have full right to own a gun, and according to the law you are obligated to stop any crime in process (especially if it's in your house) by use of force if need be, or else you are considered an accomplice. So if anyone of you ever ends up in court because you were using a gun to protect your family, yourself, and your house I would use the argument that you would be aiding the criminal if you didn't pull your gun out. Keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, and my advice is not professional advice.

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