Guy passed out while skydiving

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I know sky diving is fun but it is also a hell of a scary adventure. I salute those who do sky diving and would test their fears of height but then again, if you are having any heart failure or anything that would endanger your life, please do avoid these kinds of activities. It may be a risk to your life.

Now while I was actually scrolling on facebook this morning, I have watched a view embedded videos like this two year old who called 999 and police thought it was a prank call but then realized it is indeed an emergency. Then I also read about a 12 year old girl who had just given birth to a child after complaining of a stomach ache. Her parents were not aware she was pregnant! Then finally I came to this video of a guy who was supposed to be having fun with 360 degrees sky diving.

The guy seemed to be fine but for some reasons, he just had passed out and which had made the pilot become scared about the guy. Good thing he was awakened immediately, it was like a fifteen seconds of less passed out.

Check the video:

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