GYM Exercises part 1:

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Gym is slang for gymnasium and gymnastic services and gym is a place where we do different kind of exercises to keep ourselves fit and healthy. As this is the fitness era and we know that health is wealth and a healthy man is a mighty man. So to become a mighty man we should do some kind of exercise on daily basis to keep ourselves fit, fine, shine, safe and sound.

Some people look like as the clothes being hung in a hanger. It means that they are so much skinny like girls. Girly type of body they have. So to avoid such bad outlook we should do exercise.

TIPS: as we know that there are 7 days in a week and all of the days are not the working days. We should avoid all the 7 days of exercise so we should have exercise not all 7 days but we should have an holiday like on Sunday or some other day cause too much exercise is not good for our body.

Schedule of the Exercises to be done on daily basis:

We start with Monday and on Monday mostly have the chest day, so we would start with the chest exercise. It is the main exercise, and the look which our body reflects is due to the chest.


The chest is the main exercise as already mentioned. There are different parts in the exercise of chest. It consists of some of the different parts on which whole exercise is based.

  1. First of all we use dumbbells. We hold them with much grip and hold them right up on our chest a little bit up on the middle of the face and the chest. Now slowly open up your arms and take them down to your face straight downward and slowly do this procedure almost 15 times. Do three wraps and 1wrap = 15 times.





  1. Then again using the dumbbells lie on the inclined shape bench and use the dumbbells again as suggested this is a tuff game but this game has much advantage then the previous one. Do three wraps as already suggested that 1 wrap = 10~15 times.





  1. Now again lie down on the straight bench and use the weight on the both sides, and lift it slowly full opening your arms and take that rod up and down to your chest with the weight on the both sides of the long rod. Do thee wraps.



  1. Similarly lie again on the inclined and do the same, like lift up the weight and down to give your chest a proper shape. Set up the inclined as you are comfortable. Use that weight you can lift easily on the sides of the rod. Take three wraps around.



  1. Then use the dumbbells again to increase the area of your chest. The previous games were to increase plus the shape. Open your arms fully like a butterfly and then close them again. And don’t break your elbows. Keep them straight fully to have a good game. And also take three wraps of it.                                                     
  2. Then do the same procedure on the inclined plane shaped bench. You will feel a stretch on your chest it would be heavy. Give it a three wraps time.



  1. Don’t feel embarrassment in any case when you watch others lifting much weight than you. You will lose self-confidence. And in the gym never ever compare yourself with the other guys. Anyhow that was a simple tip for being happy at the gym.


  1. Well the last one was a general tip, but the next game is also butterfly but it is on the machine. Butterfly machine, on this machine you use the machine in such a way that your angle is also build and the game is of a good joy. Take three wraps of it and never ignore this game because it is of great importance. It is very important game.


  1. At the last there comes the push-ups. You know that you are much tired after a heavy chest exercise lifting too much weights that it is difficult for you to handle it. But it is very much necessary that you should use the push-ups. That will give a very beautiful and a proper shape to your chest that you will look like a mighty man. Remember all of the games have three wraps so as the push-ups. And again telling that 1 wrap = 10~15 times repetitions.


  1. Now take some rest and the last exercise of all the exercises is the fist’s exercise you should have that exercise after each day’s exercise. Also take its three wraps to have a good shape of your fist also.

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