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I have noticed that I am gaining weight again after my two weeks vacation in the province. I have been lazy to do my simple routine exercises at home. I guess I need to workout in a gym. I don't know yet how could I insert it with my daily schedules. I now appreciate the importance of having toned muscles. It boosts your confidence with your body.

When I was in Boracay for four days, I got head turns while walking at the beach. LOL! My two weeks crash diet worked and the beer belly was gone. It was not that great enough compared to handsome gym enthusiasts guys, but I feel light and agile when I workout.

When I eat a lot, I feel lazy and sleepy. Maybe I am not set back to my thoughts yet. I don't know if working out in a gym is a good idea because I have not done it yet. I only exercise at home. I don't like hard muscles but just toned ones instead. Duh! I need lots of motivation here. LOL!

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