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HAARP is the acronym for HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM. This program was started by the US GOVERNMENT as a response to the Russian high frequency research facility whose signal was received by the US. Now this program is a controversy and there have been much debates on its suspicious activities. It is believed that HAARP has the ability to change the coarse of weather. Actually HAARP consists of a huge field of antennas which transmit high frequency signals into the upper atmosphere at any desirable angle. This facility has a projected aim of studying the ionosphere that is a layer of the upper atmosphere and the phenomena of northern lights which are generally called aurora.

The reason why this research facility has become controversial and an active criticism is that it has the ability to transmit a very huge amount of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiations in the upper atmosphere. This transmitted energy can actually change the directions of wind patterns, heat up the oceans or melt glaciers which hen consequently bring natural disasters like floods hurricanes etc. Earth quakes can also be produced with these high frequency energy waves by the phenomena of resonance.

This research facility in now mostly renowned as a star wars weapon. China Russia and Germany also have this technology.

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