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My traveling experience has always been fascinating, it’s the learning part that induces the desire within myself for more, whenever I travel abroad, observing seems to be my main area of focus, as Moslih Eddin Saadi states, 

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings”

How true!

 If there is one thing I had to mention from my travels, that has inspired me, it is the ‘readers’, whether it’s in a cafe, in the airport, in public transports or even on a beautiful calm day in public parks, I have observed a certain number of people enthralled in reading. Some smiling and some frowning, regardless of the age and gender, there seems a captivating connection between them and the fonts on the pages.

In a country of high traffic with load shedding issues, reading at first seemed a boring idea, however with time it really has been a soul-stirring experience, got started with books related to my academics by ‘Seth Godin’ called ‘All marketers are liars’ and ‘Principles of Marketing’ by ‘Philip Kotler’ then my favorite ‘Advertising and Promotion’ by ‘George E.Belch, Michael A Belch’ has been amazing. This is one of the best habits by far I have come through. Reading has helped me realize and know more about the cultures, norms, traditions and languages through reading, indeed great leaders both from past and present have articulated how reading has helped them to their success, in addition to it, reading different articles from internet has also played a vital role in increasing my knowledge.

Coming towards the religion side, the first word that came to our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was ‘Iqra’ meaning ‘Read’. Muhammad s.a.w has also preached us to read and He states,

‘Read, even if you have to go to China’



My favorite mobile applications, ‘Quran Majeed’ and 'TED'.

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