Habits Towards Success

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Habits Towards Success


Reading some posts on social networks can be worthwhile and beneficial only if we take them bit by bit. Plain foods and few bites you take can easily be digested and immediately used by our body. For those who want to share, just bear in mind that simple thoughts have great results.

Here is one of my few picks for the day. The success habits. The habits that we have to develop and live with to be successful in life.

1. Pray - before you pray, you must believe first.
Faith is the evidence of something that we do not see. So, we do not believe, do not pray as we will only be wasting your time as if you are chasing the wind. Some of us are always praying in repetitive ways. We must pray with our heart. Whatever our religions are, we still believe in our respective Gods. And, God has given us the wisdom even before we were born and it is planted in our hearts. That is the reason why love conquers all because it is from our hearts.

2. Live - before we die, we must live our life to the fullest.
Life is a gift. It is a gift of God to us, so we must live a life that will make Him happy as our Creator. We do not own our lives, we are only the managers as well as the worker who works for it. The failures and success depends on how you manage and work for yourself.

3. Listen - before you speak, listen first.
Listening is a gift, it's a skill because it gives you the idea what to speak and what to do. Those who do not want and know how to listen go astray. There is wisdom in listening that would guide you to the right path. Those who do not listen before they speak would only be tell nonsense things as they do not know where they are heading to.

4. Think - before you write, think first.
We must be in a habit of thinking first before we speak and do things. If you are angry, be in silence because peace is there and you can think better. Do not utter a single word as it may worsen the situation and can take it back once spoken. If you are in distress, do speak, think first before doing things as you might regret later on. In thinking, you pray for ideas and in prayers there's wisdom.

5. Earn - before you spend a single cent, earn first.
We must earn more than we spend. If you spend a cent, earn two cents or more. It is in saving that the we elevate the standards of our living. Every cost of living is increasing and if we do not save and keep on spending what we have, or worst of all spending without earning, we will be behind left meager, poorest of the poor.

6. Do thing - before you quit, try doing thing.
Quitters do not succeed. Before quitting on anything you have started or you would like to achieve, try doing it first. Its the failures that will teach you how be become victorious next time. It is where you can gauge yourself and focus of your weaknesses to to better or the best in the near future. Do not regret the things you do but rather regret on the things that you did not do. It will totally wipe out the "what ifs" in your life.

7. Be the best.
Always do your best in any endeavor you are in. Do not settle for less as the opportunity will not be there always waiting for you. If your best wasn't that good enough, do harder next time because every we are becoming better and better. Alway hope and do the best you can and show the best that you are.

Do not forget that love conquers all. Look for wisdom. Be hopeful. Be a peace and strive to be happy.


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