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Hi there!


This is Hafsa from Wah Cantt (Pakistan). I am a simple girl who has a keen interest in book reading, internet surfing and writing. You can learn about my academic achievements in my profile detail. What I am up to here is to give you people a brief introduction of how I have been invited in the realm of FilmAnnex.


It was my brother, Azan Ahmed who I always saw pouring over his computer and cell writing and sharing Filmannex blogs. We all, at home, thought he was doing something but we were not sure about the amount of revenues he would generate by putting forth just a couple of months. It was a few days ago when he received his revenues for the first time. It was a gala day in our house.


Hmmmmm! When it comes to money, you know, things matter a lot. Seeing him purchase his new PC and a brand new mobile I was deeply moved to get know how of the process so that I could also write for Filmannex and earn money as I have learned from his experience that it's a Pay for content site.

So, at length, I requested him to invite me too for the task of blogging at Filmannex which he gladly acceded and sent me an invitation via filmannex. I simply followed the instructions, because I already had accounts on other social media, viz. gmail, twitter, fb, and Linkedin. Having connected to FilmAnnex, here I am blogging for the first time in the realm of Filmannex.

 Thank you!

I wish all my audience have nice time at Filmannex!


Take care,


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