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You know all those online Disney games you get new which are free on the internet, I sometimes play on them to pass the time and there are so many old and new characters on the online gaming's. Just another way really for Disney to advertise thier products to the masses but who am I too complain, I am grown man and I need online Disney games to pass the time.

I work in an office and many people in my office do many things on the internet to pass the time instead of working, most men look at porn and both women and men go on Facebook, twitter and any other social site to steer away boredom. We do work as well but soul draining work has many effects on the body and mind, thank god for the internet hey.

I decided to have done enough work and with nothing to do in my break, I check my Facebook and twitter to finally waste time playing some online Disney games. That day though there was something wrong with the online system and as I was playing mickey mouse race track, it kept jittering to a dark grey coloured website with the title "hail Walt Disney" and I exited a couple of times and until it came back up for the third time, I decided to click on it.

It seemed like a film and already the atmosphere and theme seemed depressing and the back ground music seemed creepy; I knew the soundtrack from Stanley kubriks eyes wide shut, you know the orgy scene. I was puzzled as to why Disney would allow such a thing like this into their system of happy online gaming. It wasn't really a game as well but more of a animation\game. All I could was follow the arrows and I was playing Mickey mouse who seemed depressed and sad, the world he was in seemed dystopian like almost.

I couldn't take Mickey anywhere else except for where the arrows were pointing me to go, mickey eventually stopped at his house and at that point it turned into an animation and it showed mickeys wife and children who all looked like each other but with small differences. What happened next was kind of disturbing, Mickey started beating his wife and children and it was quite gruesome with blood everywhere and they were crying in pain.

Then mickey went outside to a park and started to cry, then I was given back the controls again and instructions of where to go, I followed the instructions and it took me to Walt Disney's grave tard where he was buried but it was empty and looked like someone had unburied him and taken the body. Mickey was then happy and jolly seeing this and spoke out "Walt Disney has resurrected yet!!" and it turned into an animation again, Mickey mouse ran to a place a building full of other Disney characters old and new who were all sad and depressed until Mickey mouse told them at what he had found. They all denied mickeys claims and were shouting at Mickey mouse for spreading lies, until someone came through the doors and was wearing a brown cloak, it was Walt Disney. Then my screen changed to a close up of Walt Disney's face and he seemed insane with his eyes wide open as if he had spotted his prey.

All of the Disney old and new characters including mickey mouse started worshipping Walt Disney and all shouting "hail Walt Disney" chanting over and over again. Then it changed to a scene to mickey mouse's house and even though mickey mouse had beaten his whole family, they were sitting in the living room all smiling. Then the front door opened and Walt Disney stepped in and he spoke "i have visited every character if mine and done as I will and mickey, your family is the last"

What happened next was disgusting and I couldn't exit or turn off the computer, it showed Walt Disney having sex with mickeys children while mickey and his wife just watch, then he chops thier head off. Then Walt Disney sets fire to mickeys wife who is just smiling and then it ends with Mickey constantly worshipping Walt Disney and it went back to normal.

The site was then taken down and didn't get back on after a week.

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