Halloween Stories: Poltergeist and Manananggal

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Paranormal stories are best during Halloween, so I suppose I should write another blog about it. I have already written two blogs and you may want to check them out later.

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Do you believe in things you can’t see? I do. Paranormal entities are from another dimension but they coexist in our world. That means we can’t see them but they are just around us. (Unless you have your third eye opened.) Without further ado, here are some spooky stories I am sharing with you today!



Poltergeist is a German word which means "noisy ghost/spirit" which reveals its presence by making noise to get your attention. It can be a knock on the wall, things moved or thrown, and other ways so that their presence will be known by the victim. They are harmless but can also be hurtful when they choose to throw things. Poltergeists usually just linger around a few days to a week but some can stay longer to a few months.


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First on the list is the crying lady at the mango tree. My sister always tells me about this when I was young. One night, she was awaken by the sound of a crying lady. She listened to it intently to know where it’s coming from. Realizing the sound was coming from the mango tree in our backyard, she hid under her blanket in fear. Who wouldn’t get scared if you hear someone crying in your backyard at the middle of the night? I remember asking her if she tried looking from the window and she said she didn’t. She was scared.


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Next is another experience by my sister a decade ago. There was a power outage one night and we have to bring food for our dog outside. Whenever there is a power outage, my sister would always ask me to go with her outside to light her way to the dog house with a flashlight. Since I was a scaredy-cat, I only stay until the door and guide her to the dog house by pointing the flashlight in front of her. (The dog house isn’t that far anyway.) And that’s what I also did that night. My sister went back inside and later on told us that she thought I was beside her because she heard someone whispered closely in her ear. (“Ahhhh…”)

She described it like the sound you make when you've finally get to drink after being so thirsty. She said it sounded like those in Coke commercials. My sister was so brave. If I were she, I could’ve run my way back inside the house in milliseconds!


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Way back fourth grade, a year after I saw a doppelganger, I was visited by an unknown presence this time (which I know now as poltergeist). Around four in the morning, I heard a knock on the wall of our bedroom. Opposite the wall where the knock was coming from is our backyard. During that time, my brother and I sleep on the same room, and it was my bed which was beside that wall so I could definitely hear it!

The knock would last a few minutes with different patterns of knocks but all were of the same speed. What’s very creepy about this is that it didn’t only happen once but every single day for about a week! It’s also weird that I always wake up around 4 a.m. and hear the knock. Oh, of course I was dead scared of what I’m experiencing for several nights. I even tried to wake up my brother by throwing a pencil to him one time (because I'm scared to get out of bed) but he didn’t budge. Thank goodness the knocks only lasted around a week and never happened again. (P.S. My bed is still on the same side today.)


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I always wake up at dawn when I was young. (Probably because I sleep early?) Around elementary again, I would usually wake up at dawn and stay awake for a couple minutes. On those times I am awake, I would hear noises coming from our kitchen and dining area. Plates and other kitchen utensils being pulled out from rack, faucet being twisted and water running, chairs pulled and the sound of spoon and fork on the plate when eating. Basically, I could hear like someone is preparing the plates, eating, and washing the utensils.

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I know you would say it might just be a member of my family but I tell you, it’s not. We all sleep at the same time back then and not allowed to stay up late. And who would eat and wash plates with lights off? I know lights were off because the door of my room was always fully open so I could see whether the lights on the kitchen or dining area is off or on. The area I could see from my room was in between the kitchen and dining area and so I will definitely see who is causing the noise when it walks to the dining area and vice versa. However, I saw none. I was staring on that area the entire time but saw nothing. I just heard noises. They were just subtle noises though, as if it was trying to cheat on eating food at the middle of the night.

I didn’t tell anyone about the "midnight guest" and I was surprised when my brother told me before that he was hearing noises just like what I described here. He told me that he went out of his room to check who it was but the kitchen and dining area was empty. The chairs were also not moved.

These noises were already gone today as my brother and I are already nocturnal and now keep some lights open the entire day.


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Since I am talking about poltergeists, let me share to you another experience. I encountered this quite a few times during high school whenever I am in one of the kindergarten rooms. Our class would use the room for our computer lectures since it’s connected to the computer laboratory.

When we are in that room, I would sometimes hear something tossed to the tiled floor like one or two little stones at the same time. My attention would go to where I hear the sound and it’s always on a vacant area of the room. Weird, but I didn’t get scared that much since I am with lots of people. I’m not sure though if my classmates could hear that too. There are actually a few more spooky stories in my school but I will only share my own experience for now.

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Last on my list and most terrifying of all is an encounter with a “mythical creature” we locally call “manananggal”. The manananggal is an evil creature that can sever its upper torso and fly with a huge bat-like wings. "Manananggal" comes from the Filipino word "tanggal" which means "to remove/separate". This creature flies at night (leaving its lower torso on the ground) to prey on humans especially fetuses and children, and eat the heart, liver, and blood. They have a thin pointed tongue that can stretch long enough to reach the victim. They can also look like normal humans by day and not affected by sunlight in their human form.

Some don’t believe on manananggal because they are only mythical creatures, according to most. They were only created by our imagination. I don’t believe so, for there are lots of stories with true encounters with this creature. My mother would tell me before that my great grandmother would scare away a manananggal with a bolo knife. Another was when a visitor from Visayas told my mom that there was one lingering around our house one night. This was the time when my mother was conceiving my brother. The visitor said that when the sound the manananggal makes is loud, it means, the creature is far from you. And it's near when the sound is less louder.

Okay, so much with other people’s story. Let me just share to you my firsthand experience with a manananggal.

I was around 5 or 6 years old back then, sleeping in my parents’ room, when I had this encounter. One night, I was awaken from the noise coming from our window. My parents’ bed was against the only window in the room and we sleep with our heads nearest the window as well. I heard a continuous scratching sound on the screen of our window. I could’ve believed it was just a cat but whenever the scratches would stop, I could hear it make a sound which is almost like an exhale. I then heard a loud thud at the roof of our car next. (The garage is just beside the room.) Then the screen of our room’s window gets scratched again. It happened a few more times until it went silent. I thought it was over but it wasn’t. I heard our roof being scratched next.

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The actions went like a pattern. From scratching the window, it would land next on the car, then go up the roof and back to the window. As a little girl, I couldn’t do anything but stay awake in fear while occasionally looking above my head to see whether there might be hands or tongue sticking out from the window. It took awhile before my parents was awaken by the repeated noise. They didn’t try to see what it was and only guessed it by observing its sound and movement. My mother quietly said that it might be a manananggal but my father immediately dismissed it and said it’s just a cat.

A cat? Never in my life have I heard a cat scratched our roof. Plus, if it was a cat then we should hear its feet jumping from the window to the car and climbing to the roof. The sound it also makes when landing on the car is heavier than you would expect from the little and delicate body of a cat. Most of all, it didn’t make any cat sounds. It didn’t purr nor scream like a crazy cat in a brawl with another cat. Instead of hearing a "meow", I heard an exhale. A scary exhale. The attack lasted for several minutes and probably went away because it was almost sunrise (they'll die if they got hit by sunlight) or simply can't just find a way to break through. 

After the incident, I put cloves of garlic on the window because there were still a few nights when I heard the exact sound of exhale on the window. They say garlic can keep away manananggal. Other things you can use against them are salt, sharp objects like a knife, a stingray's tail made into a whip, and religious symbols like the holy cross.You can also wear a red clothing to protect yourself too. From what I know, you'll know that someone is a manananggal if your reflection is upside down when you stare at their eyes.

Today, I could no longer hear stories about recent attacks by this creature. If there's one, it would only be on a special horror episode on television during Halloween, and this story happened decades ago. More people now stay up late and places have been already urbanized so if there are still manananggal on this day, they'll most likely be somewhere away from the modern and busy places. (What if they got recorded and posted on social media? Just kidding.)

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Writing this blog made me look back at the scary experiences I had and somehow made me scared again. Horror stories are always fun but has a frightening after-effect especially when you are afraid of horror stuff. I hope this blog didn't scare you. Remember to always have faith with the higher beings like God so as to protect ourselves from evil spirits. Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

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